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  • [Webinar] Opportunity Briefing: Adaptive Logistics Network
    Demand is hard to predict as it constantly changes due to black swan events such as Covid-19, new disruptive technologies and ever-changing consumer behaviours. By leveraging the technologies and startups in the market, companies can improve forecast accuracy and adapt to the volatile consumer demand.
  • [Panel] SDG 12 – Why Your Business Needs a Circularity Action Plan
    Watch a panel of industry leaders who are frontrunners in circularity and have implemented innovative approaches to move from linear to circular value chains. This installment focuses on the SDG Compass visualisation tool – and in particular on Responsible Consumption and Production (UN SDG 12).
  • [Webinar] Opportunity Briefing: Fuel & Energy Efficiency
    A number of measures that would improve fuel efficiency have yet to be implemented despite known cost efficiencies. But with maturing technologies and new solutions, there is an opportunity for companies in the shipping sector to improve fuel and energy efficiency significantly.
  • [Webinar] Opportunity Briefing: E2E Cargo Monitoring
    Supply chain issues amassed $270bn in losses in 2020, presenting a severe challenge for cargo owners globally. The result is a growing need for visibility over cargo at every stage of the inbound and outbound logistics channel. End-to-end cargo monitoring solutions could hold the key for increasing visibility and reducing losses.
  • [Panel] SDG 11 – Why building sustainable cities through collaboration is the future
    Today, more than half of the world’s population is living in cities, and that share is projected to rise to 60% by 2030 and 70% by 2050. In this panel talk we will be speaking to industry leaders and innovators about their insights on making cities the source of solutions to, rather than the cause of, the challenges that our world is facing today.
  • [Webinar] Mapping the world’s SDG startups
    The UN Sustainable Development Goals represent both an obligation and an opportunity. We will be discussing how and why applying a well thought out innovation strategy to the SDGs makes sense for both the P&L and the planet.
  • [Panel] From Crisis to Action: Innovations That Drive Supply Chain Resilience
    Disruptions have impacted many industries in recent years. We realise that our access to goods and services is dependent on supply chains that are not resilient enough. In this panel event, you will hear from some of the leaders that are driving the action and creating resilient supply chains through innovation.
  • [Webinar] Opportunity Briefing: CO2 Tracking & Transparency
    The need for accelerated climate action globally is pressuring companies to manage indirect (scope 3) emissions across the supply chain, made difficult by insufficient measurement tools and a lack of standardised reporting. For the first time, emerging carbon footprint management solutions are offering companies a way to measure and reduce emissions accurately. 
  • [Panel] SDG 7: How companies can work together to reach net zero
    In this panel talk we will be speaking to industry leaders and innovators about their predictions for the future of a world where clean energy and sustainability is at the forefront, as well as hearing about their sustainability strategy and key learnings in how to truly make a difference in the next ten years, towards 2030.
  • [Webinar] Embedded insurance: how to realise a $3 Trillion market opportunity
    Embedded insurance is about getting more affordable, relevant and personalised insurance to people when and where they need it most. It’s enabled by abstracting insurance functionality into technology so that many more third-party organisations and developers can seamlessly incorporate attractive risk mitigation solutions into their customer journeys.

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