“We work with our clients to build a clear view of fast-evolving markets so that we can identify the opportunities they’re best positioned to own.”

Navigating Uncertainty

Accelerating rates of disruption and adoption, across industries, are shattering traditional models.

Compass is designed to give Executives the right tools to make confident, informed decisions to drive significant value across their business.

Compass offers organisations a multi-dimensional view of fast-evolving markets, including areas of competition, disruption and emerging opportunity spaces.

This informs the roadmap required to build the capabilities necessary to deliver growth.

Introducing Compass


Compass Process

Compass aims to de-risk your innovation strategy using VC & startup data to identify, assess and select the opportunity spaces that can drive significant growth (on average £500m+) for the company. Once we have established a portfolio of opportunities, we can develop a clear and defendable innovation thesis. Enabling us to build business cases along with an actionable roadmap to start developing the required capabilities.


What is driving change?
We assess what’s driving change by analysing industry challenges, emerging trends and the evolving value chain. Along with examining early signals through a Compass visualisation of market activity.


Where should we play?
We deep dive into each of the opportunity spaces identified in the first stage, assessing them by impact and feasibility. Resulting in an innovation portfolio aligned to the organisation and the future.


How should we play?
We construct an innovation thesis that balances internal and external assessment of innovation. From which we map go-to-market roles and relevant engagement options to support execution.


How can we realise this?
We deliver a number of business cases to support an execution roadmap. Followed with immediate actions to help realise the opportunities identified in the innovation thesis.


Strategy projects
Client savings
Additional client revenue by 2022

Compass Portfolio

A selection of Compasses we have built for a variety of industries and cross-industry topics

Meet our Team

We’re a diverse, international team, drawn from a range of backgrounds and professional disciplines. We bring a wide range of skills and interests to the work, and we share a love of seeing others develop and grow; both personally, and professionally.

How can corporate leaders confidently take informed bets that advance the innovation agenda?

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After speaking to 300+ executives, we have discovered the ingredients needed to successfully navigate uncertainty. We lift the lid on a proven framework that helps guide corporate leaders in defining an innovation strategy. A strategy that leads to clear execution options over the next 6-36 months, with the focus of driving measurable impact.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • The key innovation challenges faced by corporate leaders
  • Understanding the principles of uncertainty and the importance of innovation strategy
  • How you can take advantage of early signals to navigate uncertain environments and place informed bets on future growth
  • How major companies like Amazon and Lego have applied this process to become market leaders through aligning to the direction of the market

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