Creating better connections for a world on the move

Tomorrow’s trade and transport infrastructure will mean faster, cleaner, more efficient connectivity between industries and markets.

Challenges and Opportunities

As globalisation makes our supply chains increasingly international and intertwined, the possibility to collaborate across sectors and markets to harness this change and use it for good has never been more significant.

How we work with you

We partner with industry-leading enterprises and cutting edge startups to develop a balanced portfolio of supply chain innovations – from cost-cutting solutions to generating new revenue and building future business models.

Open innovation

Our open innovation platform, Trade & Transport Impact, partners enterprises and startups to solve real-world challenges in trade and transport. We identify opportunities in decarbonisation, supply chain resilience and safety and bring together enterprises and startups to create actual, industry impact.

The proven multi-partner framework quickly ensures detailed insights and pilot opportunities that can be translated into innovative solutions which grow revenues or reduce costs for both corporate and startup program partners.

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Motion Ventures is a strategic global venture investment fund designed for industry adoption to scale innovation, with a focus on early-stage investments. It is, by design, focused on giving its portfolio companies the best chance to succeed through a deep global network of Fortune 500 corporate partners, government agencies and decision makers.

They believe in building the maritime value chain by identifying opportunities and supporting early stage companies that redefine the industry, while aspiring towards highly scalable products that create impact.

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Our Partners

Our partners are discovering new ways to interpret supply chain trends, partner with new market entrants, and build the transport and logistics products, services and business models that meet the evolving needs of customers around the world.

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Partnering with us

Find out how partnering with Rainmaking can help you impact your trade and transport.