[Webinar] Opportunity Briefing: CO2 Tracking & Transparency

CO2 tracking opportunity briefing

The opportunity:

The need for accelerated climate action globally is pressuring companies to manage indirect (scope 3) emissions across the supply chain, made difficult by insufficient measurement tools and a lack of standardised reporting.

For the first time, emerging carbon footprint management solutions are offering companies a way to measure and reduce emissions accurately. 

We have created a short 30-minute briefing, where we cover the problems within CO2 transparency, tracking and provenance being faced by enterprises today, leading startups deploying solutions in response, and the different manners in which solutions can be harnessed for savings and/or revenue generation.

Access the briefing here

Your host

  • Miles Singleton
    Strategy LeadRainmaking
    Miles is the Innovation Strategy Lead for Rainmaking where he helps large organisations navigate uncertainty through defining innovation strategies that combat disruption. Miles has a particular focus on decarbonising the transportation sector.


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November 21, 2021

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