[Webinar] Mapping the world’s SDG startups

Mapping the world’s SDG startups

We’ve created a four-part masterclass series on how and why innovation should be leveraged to meet pressing sustainability challenges and opportunities. This first installment focuses on introducing the SDG Compass visualisation tool.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals represent both an obligation and an opportunity. Not only does pursuing these goals make sense for society and the planet but sustainability is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions in untapped opportunities. Yet in many cases sustainability has been a side effort parked under the CSR umbrella.

We will be discussing how and why applying a well thought out innovation strategy to the SDGs makes sense for both the P&L and the planet. Rainmaking has launched the SDG Compass (which maps over 2000 startups across the 17 goals) as a first step for businesses to identify strategic opportunities to apply innovation to their sustainability priorities.

Discussion topics

  • Has the COVID-19 crisis opened a window of opportunity for the Sustainability agenda?
  • Not every SDG goal makes sense to pursue for every company. Where are the ‘white spaces’ of opportunities and where is there sufficient innovation density to promote partnerships?
  • Introduction to Rainmaking’s SDG Compass – mapping the emerging solutions to the world’s largest challenges
  • Why innovation will drive sustainability

Watch the SDG webinar here

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Your hosts

  • Alex Farcet
    Partner, NordicsRainmaking
    Alex Farcet is a co-founder and Partner of Rainmaking, a global innovation and venture building firm working with large organisations and startups to drive innovation. He is also the co-founder of Startupbootcamp, a global network of industry-focused accelerators with more than 850 startup alumni. Alex started his career working for an early internet startup in Silicon Valley then spent a decade working with DHL and Deutsche Post in both global headquarters and line management roles. Alex is a French citizen, was born in Spain, grew up in Africa, and is married to a Dane with whom he created two red-headed Trolls.
  • Miles Singleton
    Strategy LeadRainmaking
    Miles is the Innovation Strategy Lead for Rainmaking where he helps large organisations navigate uncertainty through defining innovation strategies that combat disruption. Miles has a particular focus on decarbonising the transportation sector.


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April 7, 2022

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