Our story

Rainmaking was founded in 2007 by a small group of entrepreneurs. We came together to use our experience to build impactful businesses and in the years that followed, we founded Startupbootcamp, one of the world’s most successful accelerators, to help other founders grow.

Today, we’re using our entrepreneurial experience, tools, and mindset to help some of the world’s leading companies address big challenges.

Our People

Rainmaking is represented by 35 nationalities in 10 offices on 4 continents.

We are a team of 200+ entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers and investors. We treasure diversity in people and in thinking.

Culture is a shared venture

Fostering innovation culture for, and with our clients, goes hand-in-hand with our approach to building our own company.

At Rainmaking, we’re always looking for ways to create the optimum environment that will inspire the best in our people.

Learn more about our culture & values on the Join Us page.

Partnering With Us

We co-create value

We discovered early on that the best way to achieve impact at scale is to work alongside leaders, and leading organisations, who share our ambition. That’s why we embrace our clients as true partners and encourage an atmosphere where we can effectively co-create value by combining the best of big and small.

With shared risk and rewards

As entrepreneurs, we’re used to sharing risk and rewards, so we believe in aligning our interests and incentives with the companies we partner with. Curious to know more? Ask about our results-based pricing, where a significant part of our fee is linked to the tangible, concrete value delivered from our partnership.

To deliver measurable results

We focus on building businesses and creating partnerships that deliver real, measurable results. If we don’t believe a partnership will create tangible results, then we don’t do it. We measure impactful KPIs – not vanity metrics – and link these to regular stop/go decision gates.

What our clients say

  • “When deciding who to work with we met two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Rainmaking, who came with a real process and a methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We had no idea how to execute this – but Rainmaking had CoPilot, and that was the perfect match.”
    Quentin Vaquette
    MD APAC, New Ventures Factory
  • What would have taken us months to achieve alone, got done in a matter of weeks.
    Sam Dring
    Product & Client Services Director, Asset Finance. Lloyds Banking Group
  • “We have partnered with Rainmaking because of their strong foothold in the global startup ecosystem, and their impressive ability to launch and grow new platforms and services at high speed.”
    Klavs Hjort
    SVP, Growth & Impact – Danske Bank

Our leadership

  • Carsten Kølbek
    Founder & CEO, Rainmaking
  • Andres Fontao
    Finnovista Co-Founder & Rainmaking Partner, LATAM
  • Christine Jaram
    Associate Partner, UK
  • Fermin Bueno
    Finnovista Co-Founder & Rainmaking Partner, LATAM
  • Jordan Schlipf
    Founder & CEO, RVS
  • Kasper Vardrup
    Founder & CEO, Rainmaking Venture Studio
  • Mats Stigzelius
    Partner & CIO, Rainmaking Venture Studio UK
  • Morten Kristensen
    Founder & CFO, Rainmaking
  • Virginie Hello
    COO, Rainmaking APAC

Find out how partnering with Rainmaking can help you achieve tangible business results.