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The energy sector is facing significant pressures from customers, investors, and regulators.

Engie, a global pioneer in nuclear energy, has undergone a strategic shift reinvesting massively in low-carbon, renewable energies. ENGIE’s APAC Management needed to understand where the value will sit in the future of its business, and how to position its operating companies in APAC to capture it.

We identified a series of opportunity spaces and worked collaboratively with ENGIE to execute multiple growth engines targeting both long-term and more immediate horizons of impact.


Startups Screened


Solutions identified


Impact Venture Ideas set to reduce Co2 emissions


1st year estimated savings for two business units in APAC

Within the APAC region, the business spans multiple operating companies across a diverse range of countries. There are different strategic imperatives that need to be addressed.

The innovation team at Engie needed to understand where to prioritise and execute their innovation initiatives based on a mandate from the board of directors. At a business unit level, they are expected to minimise the operational energy costs of running complex facilities through the use of intelligent energy management practices.

The board of directors concerns about creating new propositions that could tap into new markets, diversify the product range and differentiate from competitors.

Engie turned to Rainmaking to find solutions to these challenges.

Engie team in their office.

Identifying opportunity spaces that ENGIE is best positioned to own

Over the course of three months, we conducted deep diligence into the emerging business model and technology innovation causing value shifts in power generation, retail and facilities management. We analysed the actual and expected impact of emerging, later-stage startups, along with prevailing macro-trends in the industry.

This extensive research gave rise to crucial data-backed insights that allowed us to craft an Innovation Thesis and identify opportunity spaces for ENGIE APAC that would seek to capture value in the future.

Build an innovation roadmap for your business

Building impactful innovation across diverse operating entities

With our innovation strategy in place, we then brought it to life by working collaboratively with ENGIE APAC to execute multiple growth engines targeting both long-term and more immediate horizons of impact.

Generating commercial impact through collaboration with startups

We sourced and performed due diligence on mature, commercially impactful startups to embark on a ‘Collaborate’ portfolio of 11 separate pilots with ENGIE. Linked directly to the opportunity spaces identified during the strategy phase, these commercial pilots were structured and executed across a diverse range of focus areas and linked directly.

Co-create value with new incumbents


Startups Screened


Solutions Identified


Year 1 Costs Savings per commercial pilot


Reduction of total energy consumption

  • “When deciding who to work with we met two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Rainmaking, who came with a real process and a methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We had no idea how to execute this – but Rainmaking had CoPilot, and that was the perfect match.”
    Quentin Vaquette
    MD APAC, New Ventures Factory

Developing non-core capabilities to take ownership of untapped opportunities

In a startup studio setting, we harness the strengths and unfair advantages offered by ENGIE’s size, scale, and market positioning, teaming them with the agility, entrepreneurialism and rapid iteration offered by entrepreneurs and venture builders.

We worked with ENGIE to establish a ‘Compete’ portfolio, validating four venture ideas. Each of them is estimated to generate a 50% increase in farmer’s incomes and to have a tremendous impact on the environment by replacing diesel with solar energy.

Drive Growth Faster and With Less Risk

Driving internal cultural change

Having seen the difference in speed and impact delivered by our methodologies and strategies, ENGIE sought to embed the capability to run innovation strategy and growth initiatives in parallel with business-as-usual activities.

We run training sessions and innovation workshops relating to topics such as Business Model Innovation and Lean Startup Methodology for ENGIE’s OpCos across APAC.

Drive an internal culture of innovation


Written by
Alex Regel
April 8, 2020

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