[Panel] SDG 11 – Why building sustainable cities through collaboration is the future

why building sustainable cities

Sustainable cities and communities

We’ve created a four-part masterclass series on how and why innovation should be leveraged to meet pressing sustainability challenges and opportunities.

This fourth and final installment focuses on the SDG Compass visualisation tool – and in particular on  Sustainable cities and communities (UN SDG 11). Access the one-hour panel event below.

Today, more than half of the world’s population is living in cities, and that share is projected to rise to 60% by 2030 and 70% by 2050. Cities and metropolitan areas are powerhouses of economic growth, contributing about 60% of global GDP, however they also account for about 70% of global CO2 emissions and over 60% of resource use (UN).

In this panel talk we will be speaking to industry leaders and innovators about their insights on making cities the source of solutions to, rather than the cause of, the challenges that our world is facing today.

Discussion topics

  • What are the innovation imperatives in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Can fostering interdisciplinary collaboration help make our cities more liveable and more sustainable? 
  • Can you future-proof your business AND help shape the cities of the future?

Watch the SDG panel event here

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Your panel

  • Tina Mayn
    SVP Products, Innovation & R&DVelux
    Tina Mayn is Senior Vice President for Products in the VELUX GROUP, which includes Innovation, Research & Development and the VELUX Product Programme. Tina joined VELUX in 2018 from a position as Executive Vice President of Research and Development, Product Portfolio and Global Marketing at Nilfisk. Tina has extensive leadership experience within product management, product development, innovation, procurement and change management. Tina has an MBA from The European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM) in France.
  • Lasse Jonasson
    Director & FuturistCopenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
    Lasse Jonasson is a senior futurist and director at the Institute heading the advisory department. Lasse is engaged in advisory of organisations within long term strategic transitions through scenario planning, trend analysis, and development of organisational resilience. His competencies are centred around the integration of futures studies with strategy, primarily within the areas of technology, mobility, urban development and the financial sector. Lasse has previously worked as an executive in the financial industry with strategic, operational and financial risk management, and with the application of technology in the financial industry.
  • Gorm Elikofer
    Chief Customer OfficerHOFOR A/S
    Gorm Elikofer is part of HOFOR Top Management Team and he is responsible for customer experience. His tasks include driving customer focus and culture and coordinating innovation across branches as well as supporting the sustainability agenda of HOFOR. Gorm is an innovative, energetic, action and solution oriented person with a very strong empathy and thereby human understanding and insights. HOFOR is responsible for supplying 1.1 million customers in the Copenhagen metropolitan area with drinking water, district heating and cooling, town gas as well as disposal of wastewater.


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April 8, 2022

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