Startup pilots

“We have learned what it takes to build real collaboration between startups and large organisations; collaboration that delivers greater value, faster than either party can achieve on their own…”

Collaborate to Innovate

What we deliver



We work with our partners to design engagement solutions that meet the specific set of business, industry and market challenges they face.

Results you can measure

We work together with our partners to scale new solutions that will demonstrate clear ROI within the organisation.

A culture of innovation

We help our partners approach innovation from “the-outside-in” which gives access to vital insights for the commercialising of new technologies.

A competitive edge

We leverage our startup expertise and global ecosystem to help our partners drive the creation of new product lines, cost savings and additional revenue streams.

How we work with you

We provide different structures and durations to match the needs of our clients – from joining a CoLab or Trade & Transport Impact program with other market participants and solving top industry challenges, to launching a bespoke pilot program catered to your specific interest areas.


We identify potential pilot focus areas based on external analysis, plotting the impact of industry forces, startups and technology trends.


Our analysts source top startups in each pilot focus area and assess them for strategic fit, shortlisting the most viable startups for final selection.


We facilitate the collaborative design of the pilot between the selected startup and business unit and keep track of the pilot’s progress and outcomes.


A detailed case study is written upon the pilot’s conclusion with recommendations on how to move forward.

Partnering with us

  • Co-create value
    We believe the best results are achieved when we work together throughout a process, leveraging the best of both organisations. We do not like supplier-buyer relationships. We want to work together with large companies as partners.
  • Shared risk and rewards
    We believe in having aligned interests and sharing risks and rewards. We make this real by offering to re-invest a significant portion of fees into the next phase of pursuing opportunities identified.

Do you want to know more about each service?

Startupbootcamp, one of the world’s most active global investors and accelerators is part of the Rainmaking Group.

For over a decade we have successfully delivered over 100 innovation programs in partnership with 200+ corporations and government officials.

From industry-specific accelerators to bespoke innovation programs tailored to the needs of a single corporation, we help our partners clearly define business challenges and build a pipeline of external capabilities together with startups.

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Partner with us

  • “When deciding who to work with we met two camps: people who said they could do everything we said we wanted, and then Rainmaking, who came with a real process and a methodology about how to achieve what we wanted. We had no idea how to execute this – but Rainmaking had CoPilot, and that was the perfect match.”
    Quentin Vaquette
    MD APAC, New Ventures Factory

Meet our Team

We’re a diverse, international team, drawn from a range of backgrounds and professional disciplines. We bring a wide range of skills and interests to the work, and we share a love of seeing others develop and grow; both personally, and professionally.

Find out how partnering with Rainmaking can help you achieve tangible business results.