[Panel] From Crisis to Action: Innovations That Drive Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain resilience - from crisis to action

What we’ll cover in this event

Our webinar ‘From Crisis to Action: Innovations That Drive Supply Chain Resilience’ addresses major questions such as;

  • Could you improve demand forecasting?
  • Should you look into circular economy? Or alternative supply sources?
  • And what about ethical sourcing?

In this panel event, you will hear from some of the leaders that are driving the action and creating resilient supply chains through innovation.

Learn about their experiences, specific focus areas (eg. forecasting, real-time visibility, circular economy, ethical sourcing, sustainability, supply/demand optimisation), the most promising emerging technologies and obstacles for adoption/scale-up and more.

Who you’ll hear from

  • Nakul Malhotra, VP Open Innovation – Marine Products @Wilhemsen
  • Anna Jern-Houttu, Program Director, Operations @Kalmar
  • Dirk Robers, Corporate Digital Strategy & Disruption @Cargill
  • Felipe Araujo, Program Director, Supply Chain Resilience @Rainmaking

Why resilience matters

Disruptions have impacted many industries in recent years. We realise that our access to goods and services is dependent on supply chains that are not resilient enough. Moreover, inefficient allocation of resources and a reactive approach to unforeseen events are driving wastage and cost increase.

The good news is that companies, entrepreneurs, governments and investors are putting great focus on innovations that are already delivering solutions to such challenges while opening doors for new levels of efficiency and access to new business opportunities. Mature technology is available and large scale adoption is a trend rapidly accelerating the future-proofing of businesses and ecosystems.

Rainmaking is working with its partners to catalyse some of these highly impactful solutions and generate greater Supply Chain Resilience.

Access the webinar here

Your host

  • Felipe Araujo
    Program Director, Supply Chain ResilienceRainmaking
    Felipe builds bridges between innovators and corporations helping our partners unlock maximum value with innovation applied to supply chains. He has more than 20 years of supply chain experience from several key leadership roles.


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April 1, 2022

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