[Guide] 9 lessons from corporate-startup engagements

9 lessons from corporate-startup engagement

Successful corporate-startup engagements require a structured approach. And keeping up with startups can feel like drinking from a firehose.

At Rainmaking, we have facilitated hundreds of corporate-startup engagements by matching the pain points and technology preferences of our partners to specific startups to design, prototype, and execute new solutions together.

In this guide, we have gathered our very best learnings and compressed them into nine lessons valuable to any practitioner looking to work with startups.

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  • Alex Farcet
    Partner, NordicsRainmaking
    Alex Farcet is a co-founder and Partner of Rainmaking, a global innovation and venture building firm working with large organisations and startups to drive innovation. He is also the co-founder of Startupbootcamp, a global network of industry-focused accelerators with more than 850 startup alumni. Alex started his career working for an early internet startup in Silicon Valley then spent a decade working with DHL and Deutsche Post in both global headquarters and line management roles. Alex is a French citizen, was born in Spain, grew up in Africa, and is married to a Dane with whom he created two red-headed Trolls.


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April 12, 2022

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