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Gamuda Berhad is Southeast Asia’s leading infrastructure and property developer.

Given the large and fast-moving technology landscape across construction, city and property management, Gamuda asked Rainmaking to help them navigate the landscape and identify areas of opportunity to improve and grow the business.

We worked with business stakeholders at Gamuda to develop commercial pilots in collaboration with startups and to improve operational efficiencies.


In energy efficiency savings as a result of optimising operations


In energy efficiency savings as a result of optimising operations


Reduction in time taken to approve work orders


First year reduction in paper usage


Additional collaboration opportunities identified in the short and long term

Gamuda was spending more than 1,600 man-hours annually on manual inspections and reporting for mechanical and electrical assets. Given the significant financial cost of doing so, they wanted to find innovative ways of using IoT to optimise these operations.

Gamuda lacked the internal capability to identify strategic areas of interest and uncover best in class start-ups to partner with.

Connecting Facilities Management to the Internet of Things

We worked with Gamuda to identify operational pain points and define a clear pilot focus area.

Guided by Gamuda’s strategic requirements, we identified 1018 relevant startups globally. From this group, we screened 456 start-ups and narrowed down the list to the top 20 startups, ultimately selecting a growth stage company and structuring a pilot aimed at rapidly finding a scalable solution for Gamuda.

Going from ideation to pilot solution in a few short months

Based on our recommendation, Gamuda chose to work with Amtiss, a startup that provides asset management and maintenance services, as its pilot partner. We designed, structured and facilitated a three-month pilot project between the parties to test whether IoT could be deployed to better manage fixed assets.

Drive Growth Faster and With Less Risk

We acted as a key partner throughout the pilot, derisking investment by ensuring that both Gamuda and Amtiss’ interests were safeguarded and that key outcomes would be delivered.

Finally, we helped Gamuda build an investment thesis to form the basis of continued commercial engagement with Amtiss.

“ We really enjoyed working with Amtiss as they were open to suggestions and attentive to our needs. My team also liked using the Amtiss mobile app when carrying out their inspections, as it means they do not need to carry around paper checklists and inform each other of repairs on an ad hoc basis. ”

Daniel Dass,Gamuda Operational Manager

Working in collaboration with startups, Gamuda was able to achieve impressive results

The business objective of the pilot was to reduce the manual inspections carried out by Gamuda’s maintenance team and to reduce paper-based records.


Reduction of man-hours in the inspection process


First year reduction in paper usage


Reduction in time for a work order to receive approval


In energy efficiency savings as a result of optimising these operations

Gamuda decided to partner with Amtiss to scale across all M&E assets internally and deploy the solution in all Gamuda high rise residential properties. Following the success of the pilot, Rainmaking was asked to help two other business units inside Gamuda – Gamuda Land and Gamuda Engineering. We worked with Gamuda to identify opportunity spaces for new ventures and to analyse the expected impact of emerging scaleups, along with prevailing macro-trends in the industry.

This extensive research gave rise to crucial data-backed insights that allowed us to craft an Innovation Thesis and identify opportunity spaces for Gamuda that seek to capture value in the future.

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Written by
Christine Jaram
April 8, 2020
Associate Partner, UK Rainmaking

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