Rainmaking pioneers ASPIRE in Australia with Career Money Life

Australia and CareerMoneyLife

14 October 2020, Australia: Rainmaking, a global corporate innovation and venture development firm, and parent company of Startupbootcamp, today announces that is launching ASPIRE, its virtual accelerator, in Australia with Career Money Life. The programme enables corporates to empower their departing talent to build their own startups. 

Career Money Life is an award-winning and renowned career transition platform that enables employees impacted by redundancy to design their own unique and customised career journey. Employees can seek out a range of career coaching services, financial advice or wellbeing solutions that enable them to take the next steps, whatever they may be. 

Rainmaking has now joined its new marketplace as a Business Service Provider, which means its members can now offer exiting employees an opportunity to take the ASPIRE program, to learn skills to either successfully build their own business or start working as a contractor. 

Career Money Life is a trusted partner of leading corporates in Australia. The ASPIRE programme is now available on its platform, which means employees who are departing a business and are given credit to spend on Career Money Life can choose to use that credit to access and join the ASPIRE programme. ASPIRE is built on 13 years of experience of building ventures and the proven methodology of Startupbootcamp, the world’s largest industry-focused accelerator programme. The virtual programme will enable participants to go from idea to revenue within 20 weeks. 

Peter Brad, CEO, Rainmaking Australia: “The Australian unemployment rate has risen to a 22-year high. Times of market disruption require radical thinking, which is why we have developed a programme that will enable exiting talent to make the seamless shift from corporate life to self-employment. There are huge benefits for employers to offer this pathway – it enables them to truly live their people first values, whilst also fuelling the local economy. For the existing employees, it’s a great opportunity to de-risk the process of entrepreneurship, as they will get access to the skills and connections to succeed.” 

Sandy Hutchison, Founder & CEO, Career Money Life: “We understand now more than ever the importance of providing employees choice in their career transition, something we have always offered. Many people are looking for alternatives to full-time employment, given the current market including our customers. Partnering with ASPIRE by Rainmaking gives Career Money Life customers the best opportunity to learn how to move into the start-up world the right way. Career Money Life makes it simple for organisations who are transitioning employees to make a program like ASPIRE available to impacted employees, from one seamless platform. “ 

The ASPIRE programme includes:

  •  Self-guided virtual programme with weekly starts and playbooks
  •  Weekly workshops and group coaching
  •  1:1 coaching and practice pitch sessions
  • Access to early stage VCs, angel investors and over 100 carefully selected mentors
  • Exclusive partner deals from leading technology and wellbeing providers such as Amazon, 7 cups, HubSpot, SendGrid


About Rainmaking

Rainmaking is one of the world’s leading corporate innovation and venture development firms with 12 offices around the world, including major tech hubs such as London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Singapore, New York, and Sydney. They create, accelerate, and scale new business with the world’s leading corporations and entrepreneurs to solve big problems.

Rainmaking has launched over 50 ventures worth over $1BN in value, including one of the world’s most active global investors and accelerators, Startupbootcamp. Since 2006, they invested in nearly 900 startups who went on to raise almost $1bn. Rainmaking has partnered with 10% of the Fortune500 companies to bring new strategies and market-based solutions including IKEA, VISA, Airbus, Engie, HSBC, Jaguar among others. They are also a proud member of the UN Global Compact, driving major initiatives on a broad spectrum of social and environmental impact issues. 

For more information please visit:https://rainmaking.io/aspire

Rainmaking press contact:

Tel.  +(0)7826 528900 Email: claire.jones@jonesconsulting.co.uk


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October 14, 2020

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