Turn redundancy into an opportunity

Empower departing talent to build their future while positively impacting your people and your brand.

Live people-first values

A pioneering new Human Resources approach

ASPIRE powers a people-first culture with a new and pioneering Startup Outskilling approach to add and expand traditional redundancy packages.

We support forward-thinking purpose lead companies to offer a path that enables departing talent to take charge of their future by building it themselves while helping you avoid damaging employee engagement and company profitability.

Our approach delivers a positive impact to your people, your brand and the local economy.

Create positive impact

Reduce productivity decline

Protect against the 20% reduction in productivity following redundancies.

Enhanced brand perception

Reinforce and enhance your brand values during challenging redundancy announcements.

Deliver innovation opportunity

Departing talent often have ideas for industry-specific solutions that can lead to cost savings and even new revenue.

Drive economic

Play a proactive role in stimulating local economic growth and drive new job creation even when making redundancies.

It’s time for innovation

Discover how Startup Outskilling can revolutionalise your HR outplacement programs.

Discover more in our white paper: Startup Outskilling for the Covid-19 world

Effective redundancy and layoff management are business-critical issues in the new Covid-19 economy to ensure business continuity and protection against long term impact and even closure.

Managing talent through difficult redundancy and layoffs is an escalating strategic mandate for passionate HR professionals. Taking the lead on how talent is released is a business-critical issue, having the potential to influence the health and survival of an organisation.

Employees are the source of success, and by innovating how organisations approach releasing their talent, HR professionals move from being the executioner to taking the leadership role of driving positive change through difficult times. Humane and smart responses to unavoidable layoffs and redundancies isn’t just the right thing to do it’s also just good business.

To date we’ve accelerated over 870+ early stage startups and raised more than €700m in investment

Who we are

ASPIRE is built on 13 years of experience, knowledge and skills from Rainmaking, a leading corporate innovation and venture development firm, and Startupbootcamp, the world’s largest industry focused accelerator program. We have created a high impact program, based on a proven approach, that empower people to go from idea to revenue in 20 weeks.

Results you can measure

Investing in a program like ASPIRE on average delivers up to 15x ROI for the investing organisation. We help you build positive ROI from your redundancy costs.

ASPIRE is designed to provide immediate insights into program impact and employee sentiment from the outset, that you can use in annual reports and both internal/external communication materials.

Unlike many outplacement programmes, Startup Outskilling can give you tangible insights and measureable results into how successful this pathway has been.

Make it happen for your company

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How we work with you

Empower your HR teams today

The right model for the right engagement. We’re able to offer your departing talent different levels of support which we can align to the benefits available through your organisation. We give you all the communication tools and support to make this as easy as possible.

We can work with you directly or even partner with your existing outplacement agencies and portals to provide seamless integration and access to Startup Outskilling pathways for your departing talent.

Weekly starts

Self guided virtual program


Digital Learning

Opportunity for co-branded communications and onboarding portal

ASPIRE Digital plus:

Blended delivery

Weekly Live Workshops

Weekly Live Group Coaching

ASPIRE Live plus:

10 sessions of 1:1 Coaching

5 sessions with relevant mentors

1x Practice pitch session to angel and early stage investors

A customized Annual License approach that includes the ability to utilize our services around ideation, running demo days, tracking and reporting of alumni plus joint marketing to support internal and external comms.

Start something, faster

We work with you to create a seamless employee experience from onboarding to the program to the moment they graduate. We can link ASPIRE into your internal innovation programmes and even provide metrics and success measure with the ability to track the success of your supported talent.


Free branded communications campaign and assets to promote internally.


Seamless sign up and low-touch on-boarding into ASPIRE.


Ideation sprints can be included to focused on how to unlock value for key challenge areas for the business or the industry

Demo Day

Optional Demo Day to showcase startups: an opportunity to invest and review the impact of the program.

Want to know more?

Our latest insights and case studies

Using redundancy as a way to support startup founders

Helping your employees build a startup in a downturn may feel counterintuitive but data, and history, shows that in times of rapid disruption there are ample opportunities for new startups to take advantage.

Turning Redundancy into Entrepreneurship

… the combination of schemes such as that by Rainmaking and the support offered by central government will help to provide a pipeline through which the labor market can regain its vitality.

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Opinion: is now the time to change your redundancy strategy?

The Coronavirus crisis has resulted in layoffs on a scale never seen before. Recent surveys show that even before this, nearly three in four in the next three to five years.

From redundancy to entrepreneurship.

Different times require new thinking. When life gives you lemons, why not consider making lemonade? A recent study found that 64% of the UK workforce wants to set up a business. 

1/3 of those made redundant consider starting something.

Everyone is capable of becoming an entrepreneur. Discover how we are inspiring a new generation of business owners, freelancers, founders and creatives.

How to help redundant employees become entrepreneurs

Now more than ever, HR has an opportunity to evolve its career transition offer and move away from outplacement to outskilling, including Start-up Outskilling. 

Turn redundancy into an opportunity

Book a demo or run our Startup Idea Generation Workshop for your team or company

Key Partners in the ASPIRE program

Participants receive €500,000 in exclusive partner deals and in-kind services.

Delivered by the world’s largest industry-focused accelerator program

We created Startupbootcamp, which supports early-stage founders in rapidly scaling their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.

Startups Accelerated
Jobs Created
Total Funding
Jobs Created
Average Funding

ASPIRE: turn your redundancy program
into an opportunity program

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