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2,000+ Impact startups unleashing innovation to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Quick Guide to Compass

Compass is a multi-dimensional view of market activity. This Compass tracks startups and scale-ups across the globe solving the worlds biggest challenges as outlined by the UNs SDGs.

The outer ring of the Compass displays the 17 goals, and hovering over a goal label will show an overview of description and figures. Within each goal segment are startups with a solution. Each startup is represented by a circular dot, that can be hovered over and clicked to visit their respective website. All startups have been tracked by funding, which corresponds to the key on the right-hand side and the colour coding.

Lastly, there are two perspectives to the Compass; viewing startup activity over time by when a startup was founded, and comparing the maturity stage of different startups within the goals. These two views can be changed by toggling the ‘Year’ and ‘Maturity’ button respectively, found under the funding key.

A world-leading map of 2,160 startups who are addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help businesses do better for the planet

Containing insights into companies solving the worlds greatest challenges through unleashing innovation and entrepreneurship


The most active region representing 719 startups (33%). Followed by the USA with 364 (17%) and the UK at 200 (9%).


The most common funding round, representing 629 startups (29%). Followed by Seed at 601 (28%) and Series A at 420 (19%).


The most common maturity level of a startup on the Compass, represented by 82%. Followed by Emerging at 12% and Mature at 5%.


The goal with the highest number of startups at 562 (26%). Followed by SDG 2 with 261 (12%) and SDG 1 with 212 (10%)

SDG 13

The goal with the highest average funding per startup at $90.55M. Followed by SDG 15 with $28.16M and SDG 5 with $30.5M.

SDG 17

The goal with the youngest average founding year at 2016. Followed by SDG 10 at 2015 and SDG 16 at 2014.

The Compass Visualisation is the first step to mapping key trends within a space. The full Compass approach is developed to lead the way.

The first stage of every Compass is a visualisation: the output of Rainmaking’s unique method that combines an understanding of your industry’s challenges, emerging trends, and value chain evolution to produce a clear view of opportunities that realise future value.

Over the following stages of a Compass project we create an innovation thesis for your organisation that includes an execution roadmap, quantified business cases and immediate actions.

Interact with the SDG visual above and remember – this is just the first step of our Compass process. To uncover more about how sustainability can become part of your business agenda or discuss a Compass of your own, contact us below.

Introducing Compass


Do you want to engage with SDG startups or get your own tailor-made Compass?

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Our strategy centers on People, Profit and Planet and more than 50% of past programs have been impact related. We are also a proud participant of the UN Global Compact, the world’s leading voluntary corporate citizenship initiative.

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