Venture development


Co-creating ventures with the world’s most influential companies

Our venture team uses rigorous design thinking to build new digital businesses with corporate partners. Our model allow us to combine the scale strengths and deep domain knowledge of corporates with the entrepreneurial execution of startups. By fusing the two worlds, we are able to rapidly move from idea to product to business.

We work in the white space where companies do not yet exist. At the beginning of a venture, we look across our corporate partner’s value chain to find a way to leverage pieces of the existing business. In doing so, we create new market value and an unfair advantage.

Since 2006 we’ve helped build and scale over 600 technology companies. Our multidisciplinary team consist of some of Europe’s most experienced venture builders, engineers, designers, data scientists and growth experts.

We know what it takes to build a business and how important the right partners are. Our work goes beyond providing consulting, design, and technology services – we act as a venture partner and co-invest in the outcomes together with our corporate partners.

We have partnered with Rainmaking because of their strong foothold in the global startup ecosystem, and their impressive ability to launch and grow new platforms and services at high speed
Klavs Hjort
SVP, Growth & Impact - Danske Bank