Internal Innovation


Creating a sustained organisational capability to innovate

We work with a range of corporate clients to design and execute Innovation Accelerator programmes; putting innovation at the heart of the business agenda. Our programmes leverage key methodologies used by best-in-class start-ups to successfully experiment, de-risk ideas, and capture invaluable market insights. The objective? To generate and identify the best ideas and create a faster route-to-market, delivering commercial impact, growth and new revenue streams.

As part of the Innovation Lifecycle, we equip client teams with the skills and mindset they need to build new capabilities inside their organisation. We set up a clear system of governance – aligned with tried and tested startup investment processes – to quickly assess and select ideas that are validated through evidence, killing the ones that don’t meet the criteria.

Through specialist coaching and mentoring, we turn participants into ambassadors of innovation practice. And, we help to amplify the programme with bespoke communications, driving awareness, understanding and engagement across a range of stakeholder groups; internal and external. By building a bigger conversation around innovation, the accelerator programme becomes an engine for wider cultural transformation.