Innovation Strategy

Introducing Compass

Navigate the uncertainty of fast-evolving markets and begin to map the future of your business.


To plan for the future, you first need a clear view of the present, with all of its threats and opportunities. 

Compass offers a multi-dimensional view of fast-evolving markets, providing executives with a comprehensive roadmap towards future growth.


How does it work?

Startups are the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for big corporations. They offer early warning signals for changes that are taking place in their marketplace. 

We use startups as a proxy to identify trends, disruptions and finally, opportunities. In particular, we look at where, and how, these early signals affect technology convergence, digital-play and value-chain disruptions. This allows us to create an overview of commercially relevant opportunities and construct pathways towards action and investment.

The innovation roadmap is a comprehensive plan-of-action designed to help executives re-define the future of their business.


Compass will help you understand:

  • Key drivers of change
  • Relevant opportunity or ‘white spaces’
  • The right mix of activities and investments for you