Turn redundancy into an opportunity

Empower departing talent to build their future while positively impacting your people and your brand.

Live people-first values

A pioneering new Human Resources approach

SBC ASPIRE powers a people-first culture with a new and pioneering outskilling approach to add and expand traditional redundancy packages.

We support forward-thinking companies to offer a path that enables departing talent to take charge of their future by building it themselves while helping you avoid damaging employee engagement and company profitability.

Our approach delivers a positive impact to your people, your brand and the local economy.

Create positive impact

Reduce productivity decline

Protect against the 20% reduction in productivity following redundancies.

Enhanced brand perception

Reinforce and enhance your brand values during challenging redundancy announcements.

Deliver innovation opportunity

Departing talent often have ideas for industry-specific solutions that can lead to cost savings and even new revenue.

Drive economic

Play a proactive role in stimulating local economic growth and drive new job creation even when making redundancies.

To date we’ve accelerated over 870+ early stage startups and raised more than €700m in investment

Who we are

SBC ASPIRE is built on 13 years of experience, knowledge and skills from Rainmaking, a leading corporate innovation and venture development firm, and Startupbootcamp, the world’s largest industry focused accelerator programme. We have created a high impact programme, based on a proven approach, that empower people to go from idea to revenue in 20 weeks.

Results you can measure

Investing in a programme like SBC ASPIRE on average delivers up to 15x ROI for the investing organisation. We help you build positive ROI from your redundancy costs.

SBC ASPIRE is designed to provide immediate insights into programme impact and employee sentiment from the outset, that you can use in annual reports and both internal/external communication materials.

Make it happen for your company

Or if you would like to join SBC ASPIRE as a startup?  Visit the SBC ASPIRE team site here

How we work with you

Empower your HR teams today

The right model for the right engagement

ASPIRE Cohort Model

Sign-up groups of people as a cohort, with kick-off dates that fit your schedule

Access to all the SBC RISE programmes to match the individual with the right approach

Co-branded communications and onboarding portal

ASPIRE As A Service

Always-on on-demand service available for departing talent

Access to all the SBC RISE programmes to match the individual with the right approach

White-labled branded communications and onboarding portal

Alumni reporting

Access to ideation sessions and Demo Days

Want a dedicated ‘Powered By ASPIRE’ programme?

Start something, faster

We work with you to create a seamless employee experience from onboarding to the programme to the moment they graduate.


Branded communications campaign and assets to promote internally.


Seamless sign up and onboarding into SBC ASPIRE via a branded portal.


Ideation sprints focused on how to unlock value for key challenge areas for the business or the industry

Demo Day

Optional Demo Day to showcase startups: an opportunity to invest and review the impact of the program.

Want to know more?

Our latest insights and case studies

Using redundancy as a way to support startup founders

Helping your employees build a startup in a downturn may feel counterintuitive but data, and history, shows that in times of rapid disruption there are ample opportunities for new startups to take advantage.

New bootcamp wants to start 1700 companies a day

As waves of coronavirus-related redundancies begin to hit the headlines, Rainmaking has responded with a plan: training 1m of these newly-out-of-work people to start their own businesses.

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Turn redundancy into an opportunity

Key Partners in the SBC ASPIRE programme

Participants receive €500,000 in exclusive partner deals and in-kind services.

Delivered by the the world’s largest industry-focused accelerator programme

We created Startupbootcamp, which supports early-stage founders in rapidly scaling their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.

Startups Accelerated
Jobs Created
Total Funding
Average Funding

ASPIRE: turn your redundancy programme
into an opportunity programme

Or if you would like to join SBC ASPIRE as a startup?  Visit the SBC ASPIRE team site here